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How To Start A Blog While Homesteading in 2022

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Are you looking for a way to bring in extra money on the homestead or better yet a full-time income? You don’t even need to be a homesteader for this post to be helpful! If you want to learn how to start a blog, whether on a homestead or not, keep reading! If you are an individual looking to unplug from a 9-5 society, blogging is an easy way to make an income from home.

With all the information out there on starting a blog, it can be sooo overwhelming! Most blogs sharing this information are already very successful…. and I’m here to tell you that this does NOT happen overnight.

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I have an extensive background in computers, web design, and social media marketing so I’ve always wanted to learn how to start a blog and best of all how to start a blog that will become successful! So, back a few months ago (October 2020 to be exact) I came across a sweet little lady named Suzi Whitford on Youtube. This changed everything for me!! More about Suzi later….

Since October of last year, I have been dabbling at getting this blog off the ground. We have been so busy renovating our home, building chicken coops, and many other life changes that I’m just getting to a point that I can start to focus on growing this blog. This being said, I wanted to start documenting my blogging journey right here on the homestead with you all.

So I invite you to start your blogging journey with me right here right now! In a series of posts, I am going to share with you all the steps that I’m taking, what is working and what is not working. Today, I’ll share with you the steps I took to get to the point I am at today!

How To Start A Blog Step-By-Step

Chances are if you found this post and have read this far, you are low on funds and are desperate to find a way to support yourself or your homestead…maybe both. This is why the steps that follow provide you with the cheapest way of how to start a blog that I’ve found. Believe me, when I say, I’ve researched this to death!

Depending on how much time you want or have to put into learning how to start a blog and implementing these steps, you may take more than a day or two to complete these steps, so I suggest bookmarking this page so you can return to it as needed.

Set Up A Hosting Plan and Domain Name

Hosting is a service required to make your blog viewable to the entire globe!

Although there are a few websites out there that provide Free Hosting and Domain Names, I don’t recommend going that route. These sites are not very professional looking and you won’t actually own your domain name (website address).

There are so many hosting companies out there to choose from!
To keep it simple, I’m just going to talk about one… Godaddy. The reason I’m going to talk about Godaddy is the fact that I have been using their service since 2010 when I built and launched my very first website, I have never had an issue with them!

There will be no need to buy a domain name separately since Godaddy offers a domain name and email service at no extra cost when you first sign up!

Click HERE to sign up for your Godaddy hosting plan for $2.99 per month!

You will come to a page that looks like the one below. After you choose your plan, Godaddy will walk you through the steps to selecting your domain name before entering your payment information.

Time To Install WordPress

Now it is time to install WordPress on your hosting account! WordPress is the backbone or program where you will create all your beautiful content.

  • Log into your Godaddy account.
  • Click “Your Name” on the top right of your screen.
  • Choose “My Products” and click “Manage” beside your hosting plan.
  • Click “Install Application” under your domain name.
  • Click the “WordPress Icon” on the following page and follow the directions.

Last Step: Install A Theme

I promise, if you have made it this far, you are almost the proud owner of your very own blog!

It is time to install a theme and customize it to the look and feel just like your personality! Follow these steps to install a theme on your WordPress account.

  • Log into your WordPress account. Type into your address bar and enter the login information you set up in the previous step.
  • Click “Appearances” on the left-hand side of the screen and choose “Themes”.
  • Click “Add New” and search for the “Kadence” Theme
  • Click “Install” and “Activate”

There is no need to purchase a paid-for theme at this point!

What Are My Next Steps

If you are an absolute beginner to the tech world, you are probably a little overwhelmed.

If you are looking for a step-by-step video of how everything I went through above, I recommend grabbing “The Blog Plan” absolutely FREE! One of my favorite peeps, Suzie Whitford, put together this video course for beginners just like you! If you have any interest in how to start a blog at all, then this is the course for you! Check it out HERE!

Here are a FEW of the THINGS you’ll learn from Suzie!

  • The exact plan to follow for the next 12-months in order to be successful.
  • 12 tips to get traffic each month.
  • How to make money from day one.
  • A complete video walkthrough to setting up your hosting, domain, and all the necessary tools needed.

How To Make Money Blogging

There are so many ways to make money blogging! Be sure to set up your blog keeping in mind how you intend to make money with your blog. No matter what you decide to blog about, no matter what level you are at, you can make money blogging!

Ways You Can Make Money Blogging:

  • Ad Revenue – Ad Placements on your posts
  • Products you make and sell
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Products you create and sell
  • Sponsored Review Posts
  • …and so many more!

The last thing you need to know about How To Start A Blog

Now that I have shared the exact way I started blogging, take that leap and get going! Blogging is the absolute cheapest way to start your own business and make money from the comfort of your own home!

I am so excited to share my blogging growth with you! I’d love for you to follow along and join me on this incredible journey.

What are you waiting for???

Grab your copy of “Suzie’s FREE Blog Plan” and bookmark this page! I will be adding my next steps as I go along.

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