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The Top 5 Bloggers Living A Homesteading Lifestyle That You Need To Follow

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How many of these incredible people do you know? I’m going to share the top 5 bloggers living a homesteading lifestyle in the online community that really changed my life for the better. 

Bloggers living a homesteading lifestyle that beginner homesteaders need to know about

And by the end of the article, you will discover how to start homesteading to feed your family, find amazing recipies you never dreamed of, answers to all those questions you may have regarding raising a backyard flock of chickens, and other womens stories about fulfilling their dreams with their faith in God.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

Leader #1: The Prairie Homestead

Jill Winger has been living a modern homestead life for over 10 years and it certainly shows! She and her husband started out as city children but followed their dream of living the old fashion way on the prairies of Wyoming. While watching Jill’s videos and reading her blog posts you can see that she is passionate about helping others live a life like hers!

The Prairie Homestead is caulked full of farm-style recipes, gardening guides, and walk-throughs on raising your own meat, eggs, and milk. It doesn’t stop there. Although she is noted for her Ultimate Homestead Planner and The Prairie Homestead Cookbook, Jill has some fantastic FREE printable handbooks like the Chicken Coop Checklist!

You can learn more about Jill here:

Leader #2: Little House Living

Merissa shares her inspirational story of financial hardship and how one kind lady responded to her cry for help. Her prayer and faith in God have truly lead her on a path to simple living providing her with three beautiful adopted children and a ministry with her husband. This is a great resource, providing hope for the future and contentment in all we do!

Little House Living has loads of great DIY projects just waiting for you to try including natural bath, household, cleaning, and craft products. Merissa, like most homesteading mammas, showcases recipes and gardening tips, but these are all geared toward living a frugal lifestyle. This makes her unique and provides us with an entirely different way of thinking.

You can learn more about Merissa here:

Leader #3: Walkerland

Charlotte and Ryan Walker are the creators of Walkerland. They chose to buy land and start their homestead in New Brunswick, Canada (The Province in Canada, I call Home)! Before coming to New Brunswick to settle down and begin their homesteading journey, they lived up north in the Northwest Territories. This being said, they have an interesting background!

There is plenty to learn on the Walkerland Blog. Wow!! This blog is laid out like a magazine that doesn’t end. Charlotte enjoys growing her own herbs and posts a multitude of DIY projects like making your own salve from those homegrown herbs. Such an inspiration! There is also an abundance of information pertaining to foraging wild plants for medicinal resources along with gardening tips, the ins and outs of raising livestock, and so much more. If you want to learn more, you can even sign up for one of their workshops.

You can learn more about Charlotte & Ryan Walker here:

Leader #4: The Chicken Chick

Kathy Shea Mormino is actually a lawyer, but internationally she is known as “The Chicken Chick”. She has become the world go-to source for all chicken-related information. Her articles are regularly featured in magazines like the “Hobby Farm Chickens” and “Hobby Farm Home”. Kathy has even been featured on the reality TV show, “Coop Dreams”.

If you are new to chicken keeping and want to find out what breed is best for you and your family, what you need, and how to care for your baby chicks, The Chicken Chick has it all. Even if you are a long time “chicken tender”, Kathy has a multitude of resources on health, breeding, and predator proofing etc. Her blog is laid out in an extremely organized way, so you are sure to find the answers to your chicken keeping questions fast.

You can learn more about Kathy here:

Leader #5: Keeper of the Homestead

Erin Harrison shares her inspiring testimony of faith, true JOY, and her ingenuity. She urges us, homestead mammas, to find JOY and be contented in all things! As a young housewife, she knew nothing about cooking or cleaning, but through it all, she has come out on top. Erin shares with us her knowledge of feeding her family in the old fashion way.

If you are looking for informative posts on growing your own herbs for medicinal purposes, gardening help and ideas, homeschooling, or just an uplifting read, Keeper of the Homestead is for you! While Erin is known for her book “Living Virtuously”, she has a number of other resources available on her blog including Homesteading DVDs and Printables to get you started.

You can learn more about this person here:

The top 5 homesteading influencers for beginner homesteaders

Last Thing You Need To Know About These Bloggers Living A Homesteading Lifestyle

As you can see from these great homestead mammas, that there is a wealth of information, inspirations, and DIY projects to keep you busy on the homestead for years. It is my hope that these women can provide you with as much encourangement as they have me.

If you are a homesteading mama blogger or someone who has found other amazing bloggers who are living a homesteading lifestyle, be sure to drop a comment below!

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